SolidRenamer is a small and flexible file renaming tool, which offers all the standard renaming procedures, including prefixes, suffixes, clipping, in

Date added: June 17th, 2010 | Downloads: 37 | Licence: Freeware

Snap MD5

Snap MD5 is a simple utility to validate the MD5 sum of downloaded files.

Date added: June 14th, 2010 | Downloads: 38 | Licence: Freeware


Mirror Folders is a free tool that creates quick mirrors of the folder structure between two root folders.

Date added: June 10th, 2010 | Downloads: 38 | Licence: Freeware


AutoStartupFixer is designed to provide maximum security from known 88000+ types of harmful files and startup attempts.

Date added: June 10th, 2010 | Downloads: 33 | Licence: Freeware


WildRename is a multi-file renaming application for Microsoft Windows users.

Date added: May 4th, 2010 | Downloads: 38 | Licence: Freeware


WinMerge is an Open Source differencing and merging tool for Windows.

Date added: May 4th, 2010 | Downloads: 38 | Licence: Freeware


Monitors folders and executes processes whenever a specific action is performed

Date added: April 30th, 2010 | Downloads: 4 | Licence: Freeware


UPX is a free, portable, extendable, high-performance executable packer for several different executable formats.

Date added: April 28th, 2010 | Downloads: 38 | Licence: Freeware

File Rename

File Rename is a simple tool using the Boost libraries regex and filesystem, in which a user supplied directory is scanned and files are renamed.

Date added: April 26th, 2010 | Downloads: 32 | Licence: Freeware


GetFoldersize allows you to determine the size of folders and sub-folders on your hard drive.

Date added: April 25th, 2010 | Downloads: 31 | Licence: Freeware

Robocopy GUI

Robocopy is a command-line tool used for file replication helping you maintain identical copies of a directory structure.

Date added: April 24th, 2010 | Downloads: 34 | Licence: Freeware

Create Synchronicity

Create Synchronicity - fast, light and simple backup and synchronization tool

Date added: April 23rd, 2010 | Downloads: 94 | Licence: Freeware

Fill Me Up

Fill Me Up is an application to generate random file lists and copy the files to the a target path

Date added: April 21st, 2010 | Downloads: 21 | Licence: Freeware


DISKKeeper is a software program that allows the users to manage more effective their hard drive space on a Windows platform.

Date added: April 20th, 2010 | Downloads: 34 | Licence: Trial

File Splitter

File Splitter allows you to split arbitrary files into smaller parts.

Date added: April 20th, 2010 | Downloads: 35 | Licence: Freeware
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