July 24th, 2012

Synchromat uses innovative algorithms to synchronize your data between desktop PCs, laptops, USB drives, flash keys, MP3 players, digital cameras and


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July 24th, 2012 



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Usov Lab 


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Editor's Opinion
Synchromat is an intuitive, reliable and powerful tool that performs accurate bi-directional and n-way file and folder synchronization.
Editor's Description
There are many programs that only claim to help you synchronize your folders and devices in the right, easy, fast and accurate way, but often they fail to do exactly so because of various reasons. Finding the right software that actually do its job in a flawless manner, is pretty difficult. Such software, that will actually perform a true synchronization, happily exists, and is called Synchromat.

The handy Synchromat application was especially designed to be as easy to use as possible. Using this application will prove to be walk in the park, even for the less experienced users, thanks to a very intuitive and cool looking interface. All you have to do is select the drives or folders you want to synchronize, and the job is almost done.

This smart utility will perform accurate bi-directional file and folder synchronization so that you can work without worrying about data loss or file integrity. The program is highly optimized to meet the top standards of performance. You can easily synchronize any data, such as: registry keys, database records, messages, playlists and more. The useful Synchromat program provides support for synchronizing more than only two folders - just add as many supplementary folders as you may need.

The synchronization between targets is done using a metadata technique that collects and stores metadata file information in a database for each session. The information about deleted files and folders is stored in the same database so that the convenient Synchromat tool can automatically create and maintain accurate folder structure throughout your entire system. This feature is especially useful due to the fact that the software automatically detects what and when a folder is removed from one location, and instantly removes it from any other synchronized target. By having this instant balance, the user can rest assured that he/she doesn't have to manually remove the same data from multiple locations, thus saving a lot of time and effort.

If you need to work with portable devices then the reliable Synchromat utility provides all the necessary tools to do so. This effective application allows you to easily synchronize your data to any removable device (USB key, flash drive, CDRW, etc) so that you will always have your work instantly both on the mobile device and your system. If it occurs to lose your device then you can rest assured that the information is safely stored on the main system so completely losing your work is prevented.

The Synchromat program can also be used as a backup solutions due to the fact that it works by copying data both ways so that at any time each synchronized folder contains a copy of its other synchronization-partner folder. You can also use a any local/removable drive or another computer in the network as your backup device because by synchronizing the locations effortless backup comes as a natural result.

To sum it all up, if you need a reliable, powerful and safe utility that allows you to synchronize your files and folders then a great solution is provided by the very easy to use Synchromat software.

For more information, please watch the movie that contains installation and complete features demo
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Synchromat Award
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Synchromat Scan reports
avast! 4.8 Scan Report:

* avast! Report
* This file is generated automatically
* Task 'Simple user interface' used
* Started on Wednesday, December 07, 2011 4:02:25 PM
* VPS: 111207-0, 12/07/2011

C:\Softoxi\synchromat-11-7-0.exe\inno.hdr [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\synchromat-11-7-0.exe\{embedded}\setup.exe\[Embedded_R#HELPER_EXE_AMD64] [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\synchromat-11-7-0.exe\{embedded}\setup.exe\[Embedded_R#REGDLL_EXE] [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\synchromat-11-7-0.exe\{embedded}\setup.exe\[Embedded_R#SHFOLDERDLL] [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\synchromat-11-7-0.exe\{embedded}\setup.exe [E] Unknown packer version. (42051)
C:\Softoxi\synchromat-11-7-0.exe [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\synchromat-11-7-0.exe:Zone.Identifier [+] is OK
Infected files: 0
Total files: 7
Total folders: 1
Total size: 7.8 MB

* Task stopped: Wednesday, December 07, 2011 4:02:26 PM
* Run-time was 1 second(s)

Kaspersky AV 2010 Scan Report:

Virus Scan: completed <1 minute ago (events: 725, objects: 721, time: 00:00:10)
12/7/2011 4:02:39 PM Task started
12/7/2011 4:02:39 PM OK C:\Softoxi\synchromat-11-7-0.exe:Zone.Identifier
12/7/2011 4:02:39 PM Archive: Inno C:\Softoxi\synchromat-11-7-0.exe
12/7/2011 4:02:39 PM OK C:\Softoxi\synchromat-11-7-0.exe/exe/data0032.res
12/7/2011 4:02:39 PM OK C:\Softoxi\synchromat-11-7-0.exe/exe/data0033.res
12/7/2011 4:02:39 PM OK C:\Softoxi\synchromat-11-7-0.exe/exe/data0034.res
12/7/2011 4:02:39 PM OK C:\Softoxi\synchromat-11-7-0.exe/exe
12/7/2011 4:02:39 PM OK C:\Softoxi\synchromat-11-7-0.exe/script

12/7/2011 4:02:42 PM Archive: CHM C:\Softoxi\synchromat-11-7-0.exe/data0107
12/7/2011 4:02:42 PM OK C:\Softoxi\synchromat-11-7-0.exe/data0107/Command_line_interface.htm
12/7/2011 4:02:42 PM OK C:\Softoxi\synchromat-11-7-0.exe/data0107/Control_buttons.htm
12/7/2011 4:02:42 PM OK C:\Softoxi\synchromat-11-7-0.exe/data0107/Faq.htm
12/7/2011 4:02:42 PM OK C:\Softoxi\synchromat-11-7-0.exe/data0107/Folder_selection.htm
12/7/2011 4:02:42 PM OK C:\Softoxi\synchromat-11-7-0.exe/data0107/help.css
12/7/2011 4:02:42 PM OK C:\Softoxi\synchromat-11-7-0.exe/data0107/How_To.htm
12/7/2011 4:02:42 PM OK C:\Softoxi\synchromat-11-7-0.exe/data0107/How_to_backup_files.htm
12/7/2011 4:02:42 PM OK C:\Softoxi\synchromat-11-7-0.exe/data0107/How_to_filter.htm
12/7/2011 4:02:42 PM OK C:\Softoxi\synchromat-11-7-0.exe/data0107/How_to_handle_errors.htm
12/7/2011 4:02:42 PM OK C:\Softoxi\synchromat-11-7-0.exe/data0107/How_to_one_way.htm

12/7/2011 4:02:49 PM OK C:\Softoxi\synchromat-11-7-0.exe/#/data0032.res
12/7/2011 4:02:49 PM OK C:\Softoxi\synchromat-11-7-0.exe/#/data0033.res
12/7/2011 4:02:49 PM OK C:\Softoxi\synchromat-11-7-0.exe/#/data0034.res
12/7/2011 4:02:49 PM OK C:\Softoxi\synchromat-11-7-0.exe/#
12/7/2011 4:02:49 PM OK C:\Softoxi\synchromat-11-7-0.exe/#
12/7/2011 4:02:49 PM OK C:\Softoxi\synchromat-11-7-0.exe/#
12/7/2011 4:02:49 PM OK C:\Softoxi\synchromat-11-7-0.exe
12/7/2011 4:02:49 PM Task completed

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