Cubic Checkers

Cubic checkers is a game for two players. The game is played with eight white and eight black cubes on a checkerboard of 8 x 8 squares.

Date added: November 24th, 2010 | Downloads: 29 | Licence: Freeware

Word Jumble

Word Jumble is a word-search design program. It allows you to create, save, and also print.

Date added: November 22nd, 2010 | Downloads: 27 | Licence: Freeware

Sink ze Ship

Sink ze Ship is an intentionally simple and entertaining game.

Date added: November 22nd, 2010 | Downloads: 37 | Licence: Freeware


This is a simple yet fun and interesting number guessing game with a twist.

Date added: November 19th, 2010 | Downloads: 2 | Licence: Freeware

Black Jack

The smallest and simplest Black Jack game you may find

Date added: November 19th, 2010 | Downloads: 14 | Licence: Freeware


Hochstapler is an arcade-like game made to look like a C64 game

Date added: November 19th, 2010 | Downloads: 12 | Licence: Freeware


Small and challenging puzzle game

Date added: November 19th, 2010 | Downloads: 17 | Licence: Freeware


7Gates - a game for the brain.

Date added: November 19th, 2010 | Downloads: 38 | Licence: Freeware


Quickly and easily backup your games' save files for easy storage and fast recovery.

Date added: November 18th, 2010 | Downloads: 22 | Licence: Freeware

Zezenia Online

Zezenia Online is a free and lightweight medieval 2D MMORPG.

Date added: November 17th, 2010 | Downloads: 16 | Licence: Freeware

Logical Crossroads

Set of three logical games

Date added: November 12th, 2010 | Downloads: 24 | Licence: Freeware

Football Manager 2011

The 2011 edition of the popular football manager simulation video game

Date added: November 2nd, 2010 | Downloads: 5 | Licence: Demo

E2K Bingo Card

With E2K Bingo Card you can create multiple bingo cards ready and prepared for rapid staging.

Date added: October 10th, 2010 | Downloads: 28 | Licence: Demo


Blocktality is an award-winning top-down shooter in which the main character Sphero is fighting against the cubiods for the freedom of his people.

Date added: September 28th, 2010 | Downloads: 30 | Licence: Freeware


With SQPUZZLE you can create puzzles from bmp, gif, and jpg images.

Date added: September 13th, 2010 | Downloads: 33 | Licence: Demo
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