Unrar Extract and Recover

April 14th, 2010

Open source solution to batch extraction and password recovery of RAR compressed archives


2.45 MB 

Last Update:

April 14th, 2010 



OS Support:

Windows All 

License/Program Type:

Freeware (gpl) 


Nikos Vaggalis 



Editor`s Description
Unrar Extract and Recover is a powerful, effective and open source solution for the batch extraction and password recovery of RAR compressed archives.

Unrar Extract and Recover is a smart tool that handles password protected, multi-part and encrypted archives with ease.

Portable, no installation required, no registry polluting, minimal memory footprint.

Unrar Extract and Recover extracts .RAR archives and can list information embedded inside the archives. Using multiple passwords to protect your files? It frees you from having to remember each individual password by keeping a single password depository so letting you choose as many passwords as needed.

Or maybe have you forgotten the password of a password protected archive? Can retrieve the password by using the dictionary approach. Give it a wordlist and it will attempt all words against the archive. Once it retrieves the password it continues with extracting the archive.

Main features:

- lightweight
- portable
- no installation, no registry, interacts with raw Win32 API
- batch extraction
- handles password protected archives

Final Note
Unrar Extract and Recover is a reliable freeware tool for the batch extracting and password recovery of RAR archives.

Unrar Extract and Recover Award
Unrar Extract and Recover Antivirus Scan Report done by Softoxi.com

Unrar Extract and Recover Award
Unrar Extract and Recover Video Tutorial done by Softoxi.com
Unrar Extract and Recover Scan reports
avast! 4.8 Scan Report:

* avast! Report
* This file is generated automatically
* Task 'Simple user interface' used
* Started on Wednesday, April 14, 2010 12:16:58 PM
* VPS: 100413-1, 13/04/2010

C:\Softoxi\UnrarER2.1.exe\inno.hdr [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\UnrarER2.1.exe\{embedded}\InfoBefore.txt [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\UnrarER2.1.exe\{embedded}\setup.exe\[Embedded_R#HELPER_EXE_AMD64] [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\UnrarER2.1.exe\{embedded}\setup.exe\[Embedded_R#HELPER_EXE_IA64] [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\UnrarER2.1.exe\{embedded}\setup.exe\[Embedded_R#REGDLL_EXE] [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\UnrarER2.1.exe\{embedded}\setup.exe\[Embedded_R#SHFOLDERDLL] [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\UnrarER2.1.exe\{embedded}\setup.exe [E] Unknown packer version. (42051)
C:\Softoxi\UnrarER2.1.exe [+] is OK
Infected files: 0
Total files: 8
Total folders: 1
Total size: 3.2 MB

* Task stopped: Wednesday, April 14, 2010 12:16:58 PM
* Run-time was 0 second(s)

Kaspersky IS 7 Scan Report:

Scan : completed
Scanned: 1
Detected: 0
Untreated: 0
Start time: 14/04/2010 12:17:01 PM
Duration: 00:00:01
Finish time: 14/04/2010 12:17:02 PM

Status Object
------ ------

Time Name Status Reason
---- ---- ------ ------
14/04/2010 12:17:02 PM File: C:\Softoxi\UnrarER2.1.exe ok scanned

Object Scanned Dangerous objects Untreated Deleted Moved to Quarantine Archives Packed files Password protected Corrupted
------ ------- ----------------- --------- ------- ------------------- -------- ------------ ------------------ ---------

Parameter Value
--------- -----
Security Level Custom
Action Prompt for action when the scan is complete
Run mode Manually
File types Scan all files
Scan only new and changed files No
Scan archives all
Scan embedded OLE objects all
Do not scan archives larger than No
Skip if scan takes longer than No
Parse email formats No
Scan password-protected archives Yes
Use iChecker technology No
Use iSwift technology No
Register information about dangerous objects in application statistics Yes
Rootkit scan Yes
Extended rootkit scan Yes
Use heuristic analyser Yes
Heuristic analyser level 10

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